Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

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Cordoba Spain

Perhaps nowhere else does Spain’s diverse heritage present itself so tangibly to the visitors as in Cordoba. The Roman Bridge, and scattered pillars and ramparts testify to the city’s importance in Roman times. The Arab occupation brought about its greatest prosperity and for a time Cordoba, with is vast library, was the largest city in the world. Cordoba captures the essence of Andalusia today: White-washed houses along narrow streets hide serene patios, and the strains of cante jondo, a vocal style in flamenco, still resound from time to time. Most sights and monuments are clustered in the Juderia, a maze of narrow winding streets that was once the city’s Jewish quarter. This area lies between the Plaza de las Tendillas, Cordoba’s main square, and the River Guadalquivir. Here visitors will find the city’s symbol, The Mezquita, Great Mosque, which is a mystic wonder; an airy forest of 850 marble, alabaster and stone pillars supports the 425 striped double-decker arches. From the tower visitors can clearly see how the 13th century conversion into a cathedral resulted in an incongruous juxtaposition of styles. Mischievous The Jewish quarter is great for tapas and bar-hopping, while you are at it, try a light, dry fino or a sweet Pedro Ximenez, the most famous local wines. Córdoba has plenty reasons for visiting it. This city invites you to dream: just wander through its convoluted alleys and you will realize you're in a unique place. Do not miss the sunset from the Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir river. After that you won’t want to go to sleep.
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Cordoba (ODB)
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