Bormio, Lombardy, Italy

Bormio, Lombardy, Italy

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Bormio, Lombardy Italy

Bormio is a municipality of the upper Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio, and an important national tourist destination of mountain. Famous for having hosted the Alpine FIS World Championships in 1985 and, more recently, in 2005, Bormio is located within the Stelvio National Park and is now a lively resort in both winter and summer. The country, in fact, is the perfect destination for sports: in winter you can go ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and in summer you can question yourself with mountain biking, climbing in, or something quieter Such as golf, fishing or archery. For those who exclusively treat to relaxation, the famous baths of Bormio are perfect, where the protagonist is, precisely, the thermal water of the source of Cinglaccia. Even from the point of view of the culinary Bormio is undoubtedly a country to discover: the excellent bresaola, the spectacular cheese "Bitto" and "homemade" and good wine are just some of the products that can not be missed.
Recommended airport
Bergamo Orio Al Serio (BGY)
Points of interest
  • Old Town
  • Bormio Ski
  • Mineralogical and Naturalistic Museum of Bormio
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