Nancy, France

Nancy, France

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Nancy France

The cosmopolitan capital of Lorraine offers the most luxurious and architecturally coherent ensemble of buildings from the 18th Century in France. Captivating and picturesque, Nancy is the home of Art Nouveau, the movement flourished here in 1901, as the Nancy School. The elegant Place Stanislas is the city’s resplendent central square. Five magnificent palaces flank it and gold grills adorn all its sides. In one of the square’s palaces, you will find the National Museum of Fine Arts, one of the oldest cultural centers of Nancy. The museum exhibits a collection of paintings referring to 17th and 19th centuries, as well as a stunning collection of items made of crystal. The most well-known religious landmark of the city is Nancy's Cathedral, an 18th-century Roman Catholic cathedral, and national monument of France. There’s a very interesting Art Nouveau itinerary to discover the houses built by members of the Nancy school. This refined city, surrounded by art nouveau grandeur, is a perfect combination of innovation and sophistication. The nightlife is quite active, due to the presence of many students and in its tangle of narrow streets you will find a fair share of covered food market, alternative bars, small theatre companies, galleries and craft workshops.
Recommended airport
Metz Nancy Lorraine (ETZ)
Points of interest
  • Héré Arch
  • Saint Sebastian Church
  • Catedral de la Anunciación
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  • Lorraine a 27.33 km