Caen, France

Caen, France

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Caen France

Caen is the capital of Lower Normandy and of Calvados département in northern France and has a population of 115,000. Caen is a college city and thus very active. In summer, tourists gather in Normandy for Second World War remains and the Memorial for Peace. Caen is a modern city, four-fifths of which was demolished in 1944 and rebuilt in the 1950s and 1960s. However, some old buildings remain, especially churches.The most important places to visit in Caen are: the Memorial for peace, a modern museum focusing on Second World War and the Cold War, the Caen Castle, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe and the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames, a wonderful example of Romanic architecture. Caen is close enough to the D-Day sites to act as a base from which to explore the D-Day sites.
Recommended airport
St Gatien (DOL)
Points of interest
  • La Colline aux Oiseaux
  • Chateau Ducal
  • Abbaye aux Hommes
Nearby destinations
  • Normandy a 41.77 km
  • Deauville a 37.65 km
  • Le Havre a 48.46 km