Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano, Italy

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Bolzano Italy

Bolzano is the provincial capital of South Tyrol, the German speaking region in the northern part of Italy. Being the largest town in close proximity of the Dolomites, Bolzano garners its fair share of tourists. While smaller hamlets closer to the peaks may wow with traditional alpine charm, Bolzano’s superiority with regard to architectural as well as culinary diversity cannot be refuted. Its archaeology museum is famous worldwide as the home of the alpine iceman "Ötzi". It is also known as the Italian Capital of Christmas thanks to its characteristic Christmas market. It is strategically well-placed on many transit routes, it is also nestled in a gorgeous setting and blessed with a fairly mild climate considering its proximity to the mountains. The world-famous Museum of Archaeology with the Iceman and the Messner Mountain Museum's main seat make Bolzano a world city of mountaineering history and culture. Bolzano offers great amenities, transportation convenience and plenty of Old World charm along with beautiful surrounding awaiting for you to explore.
Recommended airport
Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN)
Points of interest
  • South Tyrolean Archaeology Museum
  • Mercantile Palace
  • Canyon Rio Sass
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