Besançon, France

Besançon, France

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Besançon France

Besançon is the capital and principal city of the Franche-Comté region in eastern France. Located close to the border with Switzerland, it is the capital of the department of Doubs. Once proclaimed first green city of France, it has been labeled a 'Town of Art and History' since 1986. Cradled in a loop of the river Doubs, the ancient city of Besançon is one of the best preserved historic cities in France. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Besançon’s citadel The most visited of these is the Citadel - a UNESCO World Heritage site - a magnificent example of seventeenth-century military architecture, designed by Vauban. The imposing Citadel stands on a massive rock - sheer on both sides - that blocks the entrance to the loop of the river Doubs. As well as being an important historic monument in its own right, the Citadel contains a number of museums, including a folk museum, a museum of the Resistance and the Deportation, an insectarium, and a zoo. Musée des Beaus Arts The most important museum in Besançon and one of the best and oldest provincial art galleries in France. Standing on the old market square, the museum - entirely rebuilt in the nineteen-sixties - contains a rich collection of paintings and historic artefacts. These include Egyptian mummies, Roman bronzes and mosaics, and mediaeval sculpture. Boat trips Other attractions in Besançon include boat trips on the river Doubs, that take visitors round the historic city center and through the canal tunnel under the Citadelle, and the birthplace of Victor Hugo, a reputed France's greatest poet that was born in Besançon.
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